HCBC Travel Basketball Program FAQs

How much does it cost to try-out for the HCBC Travel Basketball Program?
The cost of the tryout is $10 for each participant.  The fee is NOT carried over to team costs.

If my child is selected to a team, how much does it cost to participate in the HCBC Travel Basketball Program?
Registration Costs for HCBC teams will vary from $300 - $1000 dependent on the age group.  If selected to a team, none of the tryout fee will be applied towards registration costs. The first payment installment will be due the week of selection. The balance will be due in 30 days. This fee covers tournament entries, AAU/YBOA fees, insurance, team expenses, and coaching fees.  

The costs of uniforms, gym rentals, and personal trainers are NOT included in your registration costs and are contributed to the teams by the Club from the profits of our hosted tournaments and fundraisers.

Travel costs such as meals and hotels are also NOT included in your registration. For any overnight events, HCBC will provide advance notice of the event. Final pricing will be available on the HCBC Travel Basketball Program Registration once you are selected to a team.

Why is volunteering mandatory for the HCBC Travel Basketball Program?
As with many travel programs throughout the country the cost of participation can be expensive.  The average Travel Basketball Program can cost up to $1200 - $2000 for the season.  One of the goals of our organization is to keep registration costs low to allow more families an opportunity to participate in an otherwise financially restrictive program. The Club raises the remaining funds through sponsorships and fundraisers.  As we are a non-profit, 501c (3) volunteer run organization, we require all of our families to contribute their time volunteering at our hosted tournaments to help the Club raise the funds to cover the costs of their child’s participation.

Who will be the coaches for the HCBC Travel Program?
The Director of Coaches will be assigning coaches to each team. Each team will be notified of their coach after tryouts are completed.

During the Travel season, where will the events be held?
All of our teams will be scheduled to different tournaments, both in and out of the state. We are fortunate to have several competitive opportunities within the state including our hosted tournaments. As we are a travel basketball organization all teams, with the exception of the 3rd grade team, should expect to participate in at least three overnight tournaments this season.

How many days a week will the teams practice?
Each player with the HCBC Travel teams will receive approximately 48 hours of practice and skill development time this season. This will typically involve two practices per week and a weekly skill development or strength & conditioning session.

How many events will my child participate in during the HCBC Travel season?
Each HCBC Travel team will participate in 5 - 10 events during the season. The number of events is determined by talent of the team and the cost of the tournaments.  Some HCBC Travel teams may continue to play in invitation-only events into late July. Players will be issued a calendar of “On-Weekends” and “Off-Weekends”. This will give you dates where we expect that your team will be playing, but not necessarily the name of each event.

How will we receive information during the season?
HCBC is a website-driven organization. We will provide updates on tournaments and practices on hcbchoops.org as well as your team website. Always check the website first before calling or emailing. Also, coaches and team representatives will be issued emails and phone numbers for teams, in order to provide any necessary dialogue with families during the season.